Bhante – Germany/Netherlands retreat

Unfortunately the retreats with Bhante Vimalaramsi in Germany and the Netherlands are cancelled due to the uncertainty around COVID-19. No future dates are planned or being worked on at this point

Following a peaceful and successful retreat with Bhante Vimalaramsi the UK in March/April 2019, we are very fortunate for the opportunity to bring Bhante back to Europe in 2020 for two 10-day silent retreats, one in Germany and one in the Netherlands.

Dates are set for September 28 to Oct 8u for the first one in Germany, and October 11 to October 21 for the second one in the Netherlands. Each retreat can have up to 30 meditators.

Both retreats will serve vegetarian and vegan food (no meat will be served). If you have any diet issues please note on your application, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

For both retreats the schedule is the same as all other retreats with Bhante:

Day 1

  • Arrival and Registration time will begin between 2-4PM. Evening 6PM opening talk will include site orientation, guidelines for retreat, basic meditation instructions. Light dinner on arrival at 5pm. No lunch.

Day 2

  • Begin Retreat. the retreat will be a silent retreat under 8 precepts, with daily interviews. This is a Metta-Vipassana Retreat.  Daily schedule same as DSMC

Day 3

  • Start daily interviews at 9AM and 2PM

Day 11 – last day of the retreat

  • The retreat will officially end after morning service, meditation and breakfast.

Daily Routine
5:00 am      Wake up (your alarm clock)
5:30 am      Taking Refuges and Precepts – Sitting 30 min  & walking 15-20 min, and repeat.
7:00 am     Breakfast -Bell
7:45 am       Sitting and walking meditation to 11am
—9:00 am       Individual Interviews with Bhante start
11:00 am   Lunch – Bell
12:30 pm     Rest and Nap – 1 hour
1:30 pm       Sitting and walking meditation
5:30  pm    Tea  time 
6:00  pm      Dhamma talk and discussion
8:00 pm       Sitting and walking meditation
10:00 pm    Bedtime

Each retreat can host 30 meditators. Please use the links below for more information for each retreat and to register.

September 28 – October 6 2020
Netherlands Retreat
October 11 – October 21 2020